Working My Face Off

Three stories done and being reviewed, covers finished, graphics up! Emails getting ready to launch! These are the three juicy tales waiting on the launchpad: Schooled By My Stepfather, When Opposites Attract and Oui, Mademouiselle.

My shoulders are sore from way too much typing and mousing and my Photoshop skills have been kicked up a full notch (to "clunky but functional!") What's keeping me going is being super-excited about having completely exclusive never-before-published stories <BAM> hitting readers' inboxes like magic as a gift from me as soon as they sign up. 

I, personally, receive way too many emails. Really, I bought a pair of sunglasses so the store thinks I want to read a newsletter? Just because I want less UV light sizzling my poor eyeballs, that doesn't mean I want to join the Sunglass Hut family and get 10% off coupons. I think it kind of sucks that by entering your email address to buy something, because you have to, you sign on to their marketing emails in perpetuity.

So there's no way I am doing that. I am completely upfront in saying "please sign up and I will send you absolutely free stories now and free access to new stories later. Or, unsubscribe." And if you do unsubscribe, the form says "no problem," and doesn't claim I'm "sad" (hello, Hide & Drink, that's not cute.)

When it's time to do more traditional author emails I guess I will, but for now, if I don't have something that's full-out free, I'm not going to pop up in your inbox next to forwarded updates from your mom. <Enters stealth mode!>

 Promotional image for Arrow Atlas Readers, my upcoming ARC list!&nbsp;

Promotional image for Arrow Atlas Readers, my upcoming ARC list!