Here goes...

The website move is going ahead! I transferred my domain today, which means that in less than a week I'll go live! Still on the "to do" list is my least favorite job... checking links. 

I'm detailed about creative stuff, but link checking is so important but so boring. I have to remind myself that as I'm zooming around the web, nothing as annoying as ending up on the wrong page, or going nowhere. And I don't want to cause that frustration for readers!

 It reflects mental state before and after a new story!

It reflects mental state before and after a new story!

In terms of the more fun tasks, I played and came up with a new Twitter graphic, voila! It features my latest, Stealing My Stepfather, but I can change up easily when I release new titles by running an action script on the new cover graphic. I wanted to feature new work but also put a face to the name because I am just getting started.

If I do say so myself, I think it's kind of cute (feel free to compliment me if you think it's sad that otherwise I just compliment myself! Ah, the joys of being independent AND a newbie!)  

Establishing an identity is complicated, but it's definitely worth it if I'm able to connect with more fellow writers and readers!