New Home

So I'm considering a move from Wix to Squarespace, and if you're reading this, it's a done deal! Why? Two main reasons -- well, three, really...

  1. I googled "Arrow Atlas" and couldn't find my own dang website. How many Arrow Atlases writing fiction can there be? Certainly not many, this should not be a competitive search string.
  2. Wix is easy, but slow to use. If it's slow for me, it may well be slow for readers.
  3. I don't need that much drag-and-drop, because I actually know how to update a website from scratch, so to speak. There isn't really any point in doing it, because the content is more of the point.  

Squarespace doesn't let you import old blog entries from Wix, so that's a hit I'll have to take. But it's not like I said anything particularly fascinating over there!